Whimsical Turkey Basters : whimsical turkey baster

Households in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving on November 24th and Staff has launched a whimsical turkey baster to mark the occasion. Aptly named ‘The Baster,’ the product includes a purple rubber bulb and a pink plastic tube. The design bears Staff’s signature visual detail—a smiley face with a bowtie. The whimsical turkey baster is heat-resistant for up to 194°F and holds a capacity of one ounce. The brand recommends that the product be washed by hand only.

While the whimsical turkey baster is sure to elevate the playfulness of the holiday lunch or dinner, it is worthwhile to note that Staff has certainly made a splash in the world of essential household objects—from The Plunger and The Hangers to the Oven Mitts and The Toilet Brush.

Image Credit: Staff

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