Twinset Whiskey NFTs : Benriach 1

Scottish whiskey maker Benriach has announced the launch of two new luxury expressions, ‘Benriach The Forty’ and ‘Benriach The Forty Octave Cask Matured,’ both of which will be launched exclusively as NFTs. The new whiskey NFTs will be sold as twinsets and will be available to purchase on

In addition, the twinsets are being limited to just ten total units, making these digital whiskey bottles rare collector’s items. The twinsets with bespoke packaging will be secured on the blockchain. Moreover, owners of these NFTs will have the option to trade them later via the BlockBar marketplace.

“We are delighted that Benriach has chosen to partner with BlockBar to launch its first ever NFT. We look forward to building a great relationship together and releasing more exclusive drops for our BlockBar community,” said Dov Falic, BlockBar co-founder and CEO.

Image Credit: BlockBar

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