Sweet Vanilla Straight Bourbons : grand teton distillery

Grand Teton Distillery has debuted the ‘8-Year Grand Teton Private Stock Straight Bourbon,’ an aged whiskey among the longest crafted in an Idaho distillery. The whiskey smells of woody maple, and boasts flavors of sweet vanilla with a spiced nut and oak finish. The whiskey has been aged in American white oak barrels at 6,000 feet throughout the most extreme temperatures and comes in a gift box. Grand Teton’s newest ‘Private Stock’ is 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley. The expression comes in a 75-ml bottle and is measured at 50% ABV.

Interested parties can purchase ‘8-Year Grand Teton Private Stock Straight Bourbon’ at the distillery and online at its website. Only 16 barrels of the whiskey will be sold, while more ‘Private Stock’ will release in the coming years.

Image Credit: Grand Teton Distillery

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