Skeletonized Carabiner Accessories : Bolt Carabiner V-II

The EDC Apparatus Bolt Carabiner V-II is a durably designed accessory for everyday carry (EDC) aficionados looking to maximize their efficiency when carrying their keys. The accessory is constructed with durable titanium and brass materials, and boasts a skeletonized design to allow for one-handed operation while also reducing overall weight. The carabiner maintains an inherently stylish design that utilizes a trigger in place of a twist-locking or auto-locking design to allow for intuitive yet secure access.

The EDC Apparatus Bolt Carabiner V-II is rust and wear-resistant to make it great for everyday use, and comes in brown or anodized blue color options to choose from. Measuring in at 83mm in height, the carabiner is priced at $119 and is available now directly from the brand.

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