Pickle-Infused Mayo Sauces : Branston Branstonnaise

The Branston Branstonnaise is a new pickle-infused mayonnaise condiment perfect for consumers to use in their next sandwich or recipe.

The product highlights the tangy, sweet flavor of the brand’s pickles with the creaminess of mayo, and comes in two options including Smooth and Small Chunk. The sauce comes as a first-of-its-kind condiment and gives the brand’s original product a new spin to intrigue shoppers. Priced at £1.99, the product is arriving now at retailers in the UK for shoppers to pick up.

Senior Brand Manager Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough commented on the new Branston Branstonnaise saying, “We’re so excited to be expanding our product range even further with a brand-new recipe: Branstonnaise. From pickles and relishes to chutney and sauces, we know people just can’t get enough of that iconic Branston Pickle taste, so we wanted to create something that’s never been seen before on supermarket shelves.”

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