Fossil Fuel-Free Steel Materials : ssab

Volvo announced that it has partnered with the Swedish steel manufacturer ‘SSAB.’ SSAB, which stands for Swedish Steel in English, has discovered a new method of steel production that utilizes hydrogen and electric energy, rather than fossil fuels as per the traditional method. This results in a sustainable “green steel” with equal structural integrity to its traditional counterpart.

Volvo will use SSAB’s green steel in its upcoming electric vehicles and electric trucks as part of the automaker’s commitment to the Paris agreement on climate change, meaning it is aiming to achieve net-zero emissions across its entire value-chain by 2040. Additionally, the company’s partners, such as Amazon and DFDS, have committed to the same goal of 2040, meaning the adoption of green steel will greatly reduce emissions caused by supply and value chains in several regions.

Image Credit: Volvo

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