Flavorfully Formulated Tuna Salads : StarKist Smart Bowls

The StarKist Smart Bowls are a new line of prepackaged meal products for consumers seeking a way to enjoy a flavorful bite to eat when at home or out of the house. The bowls are crafted with seasoned grains, vegetables and wild-caught tuna all served in a single-serve pouch to prioritize ease of consumption when enjoying them out of the house. The products are inspired by grain bowls found at many restaurants and quick-serve stalls, and are priced at $1.25 with 180-calories or less in each serving and 10-grams or more of protein.

VP of Marketing and Innovation Tom Aslin spoke on the StarKist Smart Bowls saying, “Smart Bowls’ introduction was inspired by the popularity of grain bowls- today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for more convenient options that include lean proteins, vegetables, and grains.”

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