Celebratory Champagne-Branded Fridges : Smeg Veuve Clicquot

The Smeg Veuve Clicquot fridges have been created through a partnership to celebrate the champagne maker’s 250th anniversary and offer a decidedly chic option for the kitchen. The appliances come in the form of the FAB10 and the FAB28, which are both characterized by their mustard yellow color to pay homage to the Veuve Clicquot branding. A miniature fridge was also created that’s perfectly sized for a single bottle of champagne to keep it cool for up to two-hours.

The Smeg Veuve Clicquot fridges maintains the 50s-style aesthetic of the original models and are perfect for avid champagne drinkers to consider for their space. The fridges are suitable for use in kitchens, but will truly shine in dedicated bar spaces.

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