10 Halloween-Themed Products

With everyone’s favorite spooky holiday just around the corner, brands debut their 2022 Halloween-themed products. While some experiment with flavor—Baskin-Robbins, for one, launched a Spicy ‘n Spooky Ice Cream—others embrace visual aesthetics and theatrics. A good example of the latter is Heinz’s Tomato Blood Ketchup and its vegetarian vampire film, which debuted on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Some brands celebrate the holiday with a full range of Halloween-themed products to delight individuals. Lush, for example, debuted an eclectic capsule of exciting aromatic and spooky offerings—from bath bombs shaped like the Scream mask and shower essentials inspired by a ghoul’s blood. adidas, on the other hand, embraced the colorways of Halloween and delivered an orange snakeskin design for its signature Rivalry Low sneaker.

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